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5 ways to store your belongings at home

Who doesn’t have trouble storing their belongings? Especially when living in an apartment and you have no basement space or have a garage which is often so full of things that the car won’t fit into it. When living in a large city, a lack of space is a common problem and you always need quick and simple access to your possessions. 

But where to store your belongings, then? We offer 5 ideas that could help:

  1. GO THROUGH your belongings, ASSESSING THEM AS FOLLOWS: How much do you really need? When was the last time you used these things? Maybe it is time to consider charity or sending your possessions to be reused by others.
  2. TAKE THINGS TO THE COUNTRYSIDE to your relatives, where there all sorts of items that no one can remember anymore. Even with this option, it would still be wise to use the first idea and assess your possessions.
  3. FIND A FRIEND who can store your items. Often enough, friends lack space as well and it is uncomfortable to burden them for a long time.
  4. RENT A GARAGE or another space near your home, where you can store things - the downside being that often enough those sites have no surveillance or are located near the house.
  5. CHOOSE A SUITABLE SMALL WAREHOUSE which is located near your place of employment or home and is accessible 24/7. Usually this service comes with surveillance, which helps to bring you peace of mind. 



A safe home for your belongings