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Rental of shipping containers

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Are you about to move, repair a house or do you require a temporary mobile storage space for your construction project? Would you like to use a container for an advertising project? CityStock shipping container rental can help you with this.

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What are our advantages?

  • An affordable price
  • We transport the container to your requested location
  • If required, we can also take a full container for storage in our warehouse
  • When the rental service ends, we will remove the container ourselves

General overview

  • Container surface area 14 m²
  • Internal width/height 2.3 m
  • Length 5.9 m
  • Colour: dark grey
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Why rent a shipping container?

The most frequent reasons for renting a shipping container are moving, repairing and construction, in which case it is practical to have an accessible storage facility nearby for storing furniture and materials. CityStock will bring the container to exactly where you need it and will remove it later. You also have the possibility to store the full container in our warehouse during the rental period.

Aside from construction or moving projects, a portable mini storage space can also be used as an advertising space. Next to traditional advertising spaces, a shipping container will surely attract attention. There is also an option to place two containers on top of one another anywhere you want. An advert can be placed either as a sticker or a framed banner. For designing the container, you can use the services of our cooperation partner.

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Why choose the option of renting a shipping container?

There are several options for storing and advertising. What are the advantages of a container compared to other options?

  • Safe and secure storage space
  • Eye-catching advertising space
  • Mobile – can be installed anywhere you wish
  • Possible to adopt different interior design solutions and to decorate it with stickers and banners


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