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5 reasons a small company needs a storage space

It is clear that a company of any size will face an issue with storage sooner or later. Even if in the beginning it seems that there are no goods to be stored, there are always things that have to be kept somewhere. An unforeseen need for storage space is most frequently seasonal and/or related to specific one-time activities (campaigns, etc.)

Large companies have normally addressed issues related to storage in their daily routine; this need often occurs unexpectedly for smaller companies. Thus, garages, cellars and other storage areas in private houses are inconveniently full of things for which there is no other place. Based on our experience, we have made a list of the TOP 5 things that need to be stored. Read them and see if you recognise a familiar situation at any point.

1. Office, summer or garden furniture

There is no space or there is very little space, so the priority is to have space for employees and clients. There is a need to store office furniture or other inventory that is not needed daily. For example, café and restaurant owners have a need to store tables, chairs and other summer furniture, which is needed seasonally.

2. Wholesale goods

Buying in bulk is cheaper not only for goods to be sold, but also as a way of keeping your everyday spending in check and saving time, which would otherwise be spent on ordering and delivering goods. However, this brings about a problem – where does one store all these necessary items?

3. Issues related to company vehicles

In the case that there are more than 1-2 people working in a company, there are surely things to be stored. For example, storing replacement tyres is quite a problem. With vehicles, there is also a need to store various maintenance products, spare parts, etc.

4. Seasonal products

This seems of little importance in the beginning, but these items pile up over time. For example, Christmas goods or decorations (artificial Christmas trees, decorations, gifts for customers, etc.), as well as items related to organising campaigns or visiting trade fairs that need to be stored (trade fair boxes, tables, roll-ups, banners, etc.).

5. Warehouse goods

A need to store different products related to the company’s field of activity. Yes, these goods must also be stored somewhere! :)

There are surely more reasons to have a storage space and even if it seems unnecessary at first, then at some point almost every entrepreneur faces the same problem – where can the goods be stored? In addition, one has to think about the physical conditions of storage, so that the goods do not become damaged due to cold, heat or humidity, as well as about who might need these things and when – in other words, how convenient it would be to access your items and to handle them on the spot.  If you require the goods to be constantly available so your client may come and pick up the goods themselves after ordering them, then in addition to the storage space you need to think about who would serve the client. It is also important that the storage space is located in a convenient place for the client and that it is accessible by car. So, there are enough reasons for finding a good storage solution!

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