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  • How do I receive the keys?

You will receive keys from the storage complex starting from the day after receiving the bill. After receiving payment for the invoice, we will send you a notification to your e-mail address. 

  • How many sets of keys it is possible to receive?

Initially you will receive 2 (two) sets of keys and locks upon signing of the contract. You can duplicate these as many times as you like, because the set belongs to you and you will retain it even after the end of the contract. The next user of the storage space will receive a different lock.

  • What should I do if I have lost the keys?

Please inform us of lost keys as soon as possible. To access your possessions we can unlock your storage space by Master Key. To keep using the storage space you need to buy a new padlock costing 26 €.

  • Can I drive up to my storage space?

Yes, you can drive up to your storage space, to load things on or off the car.

  • Can I change my tires in front of the storage space?

Yes, if you do not restrict others from accessing their storage spaces.

  • Can I drive to the storage space with a large vehicle?

Since the storage spaces are inside the building, you can drive up to them with a passenger car or minivan, whose maximum permissible mass does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

  • Are the storage spaces heated?

No, the storage spaces are not heated and thus we do not recommend storing things in there which might be susceptible to the cold. On the other hand, items susceptible to heat are not endangered, as the storage spaces are located in an unheated indoor environment. Even during the summer, things are safe from excess heat as there is no direct sunlight.

  • Do the storage spaces have electricity?

There is no lighting inside the storage modules, but the general lighting of the warehouse provides enough light to load stock on and off the car even at night or during the winter. There are no sockets or electric supply inside the storage modules and using electrical tools and equipment inside the modules is forbidden.

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