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About us

As entrepreneurs and individuals we have often seen the need for a storage service and we aim to offer a simple and specific solution which will help store your belongings conveniently while allowing you to deal with your everyday tasks. We understand that time is the ultimate asset and this has resulted in our minimalist approach, which concentrates only on the most important things, i.e. the effectiveness of storage.

As a location we have chosen Ülemiste City, which is close to the main highways. This district, which is only 10 minutes from Tallinn city centre, already has working economic infrastructure and development is still in full force. This makes access easier and provides additional confidence for proper security. Our customers enjoy 24 hour self-service, and have no cause for concern thanks to our around-the-clock surveillance and the knowledge that they can drive right up to the storage cubicle and access their possessions without getting wet.

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